Mr. Arun Kumar Modi

Mr. Arun kumar Modi is a man with innovation, commitment and ability to take initiative. His passion for discharging his duties honestly and efficiently makes him one of the torch bearers of the group. He being always in quest of creating new opportunities has set the stage for many success stories of the group. He has more than four decades of experience in dairy sector. He believes in discharging duties with strict discipline that motivate to follow the suit.

Mr Ashok Kumar Modi

Mr Ashok Kumar Modi an energetic and able leader, a dynamic team player, a man with well define goals. He has over three decades of experience in the industrial sector .He has set the stage for many success stories.  He is specialist of dairy industry as well as in real estate industry.

Mr Avinash Modi

Mr Avinash Modi is a young dynamic player who has remarkable ability to transform his dream into reality. After completing his qualification he joined the family business. He has 12 years experience in dairy and real estate business. He is both a realist and an idealist with robust optimism. He values clarity vision, sense of purpose and diligent  perseverance as essential qualities for achievements in any walk of life.

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