About Shree Jee

Milk Food Aids Pvt. Ltd. a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its Registered Office at A-21 Sadulganj, Bikaner (Rajasthan) is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of Dairy Products, having Plant at Bichwal RIICO Industrial Area, Bikaner. To expand the capacity further and to meet the growing demand the company is proposing to manufacture Skim Milk Powder at it’s upcoming plant at Bikaner.

Before incorporation of the Company, the milk collection was first started by Late Sh. Hanuman Prasad Ji Modi (Founder), in the year 1967 at a surprising price Rs.0.10 per Litre with few hundred liter/day. Mr. Modi was a born leader and visionary entrepreneur.

He could foresee the opportunities in milk trade. He was the first private sector player in Rajasthan. After the death of Shri Hanuman ji Modi the business was geared up by his sons Mr. Arun Modi, Mr. Ashok Modi and the young dynamic MBA entrepreneur grand-son Mr. Avinash Modi. The milk collection has gone up to 5 LLPD.Current Milk handling capacity of Bikaner is 7 LLPD .

Stringent quality control measures over the years have resulted in uniform quality across the product line and acceptance in the Market through- out Rajasthan SHREE JEE Ghee (Gai Ka Ghee) has become the hot cake. Shree jee ghee has become a well established household brand. 
Milk Food Aids has always stayed ahead of its competitors over the years.

It has made major investments in augmenting its Research & Development capabilities.  The company owns one of the most advanced Research and Development Laboratories, fully equipped with the most modern analytical facilities and managed by a team of qualified professionals.

Key Features :

Chronological History

  • 1967 Started Milk Collection in association with Jaipur Milk Supply Scheme.
  • 1977 Started loose Milk supply to Dehli Milk Scheme with Go Seva Sangh.
  • 1984 Formed own Company Milk Food Aids Pvt. Ltd. at Bikaner.
  • 1993 started milk supply to Nestle India Ltd.
  • 2010 Evaporator for condensing milk established at Bikaner.
  • 2011 Produced Skimmed Milk Concentrate at Milk Food Aids P. Ltd. Bikaner.
  • A new Unit for SMP is in progress at Bikaner  


Milk Procurement Mechanism

The Company has established its own Village Level System with the main Objectives:-

  • Organize Village level Milk Food Farmers Associates for providing 365 days milk market at door steps.
  • Enhance milk & agricultural production by providing technical support to the farmers.
  • Generate employment opportunity at village level.
  • Pay remunerative price to the farmers of their produce by eliminating the middlemen.
  • Arrange health care camps for animals and provide veterinary services for treatment.
  • Help rural entrepreneurs in the area of transport and handling of milk.
  • Extension activity for educating the farmers.
  • Procurement base of nearly 160,000 Milk Producers.
  • 6,500 VLC,S (Village Level Center)
  • 10 Large Size Milk Collection and Chilling Centres.
  • 5 Farm Bulk Coolers.

Clean Milk Production
Milk being the perishable in nature, Company has recruited well educated and trained field force to aware the rural milk producers for clean milk production by means of educational camps and Audio-visual aids few practices followed   

  • At Farmers’ Level  
  • Health of the animal
  • The animal shed
  • Feed & Fodder & Feeding Management
  • Surroundings of the owner’s house
  • Correct milking procedure
  • The milk vessels
  • Quick delivery of milk at collection centre after milking
  • Installation of Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC)
  • Milk Chilling Centre  
  • Insulated Road Milk Tankers


Our Domestic Clients

  • Nestle India Ltd.
  • Delhi Milk Supply Scheme
  • Mother Dairy Delhi
  • Modern Dairy Karnal
  • Bikaner Wala, New Delhi.
  • Haldi Ram Snacks Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

Organizational Values Our founder Lt. Sh. Hanumanji modi was a man of ethics and that continues

  • Trust
  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Growth Orientation
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Orientation

Strategic Thrust Areas

Improve the Business Process

  • Attract and retain quality Manpower
  • Improve the quality of raw materials with improved procurement practices